Apr 28, 2011

the search is over!

I have FINALLY found THE right night time combo for Emersyn.  I have been having issues with this for a month, and believe I have done a couple of posts about it already.  After I started using the Bamboo fleece inserts, it was only a couple of nights before the leaks started again, and to be honest I was close to just giving up and using disposables overnight.  Then one night I dug deeper into the back of the shelf where my cloth diapers were (at my parents, while we were staying there) - and pulled out a FuzziBunz.  I decided it was worth a try, since I have had absolutely no problems with them in the past.

I stuffed the FuzziBunz with a bamboo towelling trifold insert, and then added a pad-folded flat... to be safe I put a Super Brite cover over the top, but as it turned out the next morning, I hadn't needed the cover!  The outside of the FuzziBunz diaper was actually dry - for the first time in weeks!  I tried the same thing the following night, with the same result - and am glad to say that a week down the line it looks like i have FINALLY found the right night time combination!

I think it has something to do with the width of the FuzziBunz - when I put the two inserts in, there is still space between the leg elastics, and the inserts, which I am picking eliminates the potential for the urine wicking into the fabric at the front of the diaper....  Looking at the diapers I've used up until now, when the inserts have been in, there has been no gap between the inserts & the leg elastic, and I really think that the issue was wicking.

Last night I forgot to put a cover on over her diaper, but this morning when she woke up, there was no wet outside-of-the-diaper! 



  1. Congratulations! I've read about someone else using FuzziBunz with extra stuffing for night time, they must be pretty good nappies.

  2. thanks.. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I think it's related to the cut. & the fact they seem to wrap around the stuffing a bit looser than other brands.. well, in my experience anyway!