May 10, 2011

dying... to dye prefolds!

I have been wanting to dye prefolds for quite some time, and after seeing a few posts about it on Diaper Swappers & the Cloth Diapering board on JM I decided I just HAD to do it!  I have always loved the crisp whiteness of prefolds, but after awhile they do get a bit boring - even when paired up with a cute cover... so dying prefolds seemed like something I could do to jazz them up a bit!

The main ingredient - 'Dylon' dye powder, in 'flamingo pink' - Gaby's choice, of course!

then the other main 'ingrediant' - 3 nice white prefolds!  I decided that for this first batch I wanted a vibrant colour, so decided to see how vibrant 3 prefolds would get.. after seeing results I think it was the perfect number.

first you mix the dye powder in 500ml of warm water
then fill the sink with 6l of warm water & 5tbsp of salt, adding the salt to the water
add the dye mixture, to the water in the sink
then add the prefolds to the water/dye - using tongs (or similar) or rubber gloves
make sure the prefolds are completely covered (and ignore the white stuff on the top, it's some random thing that happens with the water when it comes out of the tap here.. it soon disipates)
after an hour (or longer) take the water out & rinse the prefolds until the water runs clear & then put on a warm or hot wash in the washing machine
final product!
the three side by side!  I quite like how whatever it is they are sewn up with, hasn't take the die & there is a nice white border around them
I am probably going to dye the rest of my prefolds now - playing around with various colours & vibrancies - AND I believe I may have to tie-dye some!

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