Oct 15, 2011

New problem... blisters

No way to put it nicely - Emersyn has blisters on her vagina and bottom...  This happened awhile ago when I switched to new detergent - I switched back and the issue went away, however over the past few days I've noticed the blisters have come back, and no amount of cream seems to make them go away....

I have come to two possible conclusions - after months of no reaction whatsoever, she is now developing an irritation/reaction to microfleece, OR we are finally getting detergent build up in the staydry layer of the diapers I'm using (most of which are microfleece).  I'm not sure where to start trying to fix the problem - for fixing the build up I just need to strip the diapers, but am a little apprehensive about putting my pockets in a hot wash, because last time I did that all but 1 of the diapers delaminated...  For fixing an irritation to microfleece - well, I just cut out the microfleece!

I think my little plan of attack may be to put her in prefolds for the next couple of days, and during that time strip the diapers I've been using lately (because there seems to be a core group that I reach for at the moment)...  My thinking is that her bum SHOULD clear up in prefolds, and then I am going to introduce microfleece LINERS into the mix - if her bum starts getting horrible again, I can pretty much come to the conclusion that it's the microfleece causing the issue.  If her bum stays normal - I can put her back in the diapers I have been using - and if her bum stays normal still, I can determine that it was build up that was causing her bum to go all nasty.  If it gets rashy again, I guess I strip those diapers again and cross fingers that after 2 strips it's all back to normal.

Beyond that - well, I hope there IS no beyond that.  I love cloth so much & hate when I'm having issues...  If I end up needing to keep her in prefolds, then so be it... I like prefolds... and I like ANY cloth diaper 50,000,000x more than a disposable!

Stay tuned...


  1. Sorry to hear you're having troubles! Poor Emersyn. It's awful to see them like that. My little one has only had mild blisters once... we use Real Nappies prefolds and continued to use them but I applied cornflour at each nappy change and sometimes used Bepanthan cream.
    Perhaps some 'nappyless' time in the sun if you can too. Air everything out. Hope it's resolved quickly! xx

  2. thanks for your post Rebekah, I eventually worked out that Emersyn has developed a reaction to MICROFLEECE, which of course is a bit of an issue considering 90% of my nappies have a microfleece staydry layer! We are working our way through it though, and her bottom is a lot happier!