Jun 28, 2011

a year of cloth love - part 2

... continued...

a 'wahm' diaper, again from the Nappy Network [tnn]

seven months and showing off her first BabyLand diaper
eight months old and showing off a Fuzzibunz pocket
a couple of weeks after the February earthquake, in her first Itti Bitti D'Lish
nine and a bit months old - showing off her new Bummis SWW
still living away from home because of the earthquake.. this time in a mint D'Lish
almost eleven months old, showing off her standing skills - and her BumGenius pocket
the cheekiest kid in all of Christchurch... eleven months old and in another Bitti D'Lish
ONE YEAR OLD... showing off her purple Bitti D'Lish with baby cousin, Bronte [almost 4 months].. neither was in a great mood...
Showing off a Monkey Doodlez minky pocket, and rocking some cow print BabyLegs
today... a few minutes ago to be precise.. in my favourite pocket, as seen in part one of this little blog entry
and that really brings you up to date... from itti bitti baby - to Itti Bitti diaper lover... I am looking forward to the next year in cloth, and will see you same place, same time in one year :)

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