May 11, 2011

Cloth Nappy Week 2011!

There are special days & weeks dedicated to pretty much everything now - even 'steak and blow job day' *rolling my eyes*, but one of the most exciting 'awareness' days/weeks for me is Cloth Nappy Week!!!  It is run in New Zealand between May 16 & May 22nd, and is basically a special time for celebrating cloth nappies (y'know - diapering), and for raising awareness about the wonderful awesomeness that is the cloth nappy!  Many 'nappucnios' are being held throughout New Zealand & I am extremely excited to be attending one of the Christchurch ones, for the first time!  Back tracking a little thought - 'nappucnino' is basically a 'coffee group to discuss cloth nappying' - I adore the little play on words!  Nappucino.. it just rolls off the tongue!

Many fabulous brands are supporting Cloth Nappy Week 2011, and I wanted to mention some of them here, on the off chance that anyone who is interested in cloth nappying in NZ stumbles upon my blog & want to know where to get their nappies from!  There are some of my favourites -, Real NappiesPeaPodsTweedle & YoYo Nappies & others I've heard a lot about but haven't tried yet - Fancy Pantz, Boon, Baby First, Mothers Instinct, Cheeky Cherubs, Naked Baby, Nudey Rudey - and no doubt others I've not mentioned.

One of the activities they are doing is creating a mountain of disposable nappies (I think I've mentioned this already!) - to give a visual idea of how many disposables ONE baby will go through in a year, and basically the money that gets thrown away at the same time.  I cannot wait to see the result, or to hear about the impact it has on people who use disposables - whether it encourages any of them to convert to cloth, or to at least consider it.

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