May 16, 2011

new & updated stash photos

I realised there were actually quite a few diapers that I no longer use, for various reasons - too small, don't fit 'right', aren't really absorbent enough.. so while I had all of them out, I decided it was the perfect time to take some new photos of my stash!  I think there were around 10 diapers not in the photos because they were in the wash/on her bum/in the baby bag... but here are most of them, in all their fluffy glory!

all the available pockets/fitteds/AIO's
All my Itti Bitti D'Lish, minus 1 which was on her bum (mint green)
My minky's & velour (blue is the velour)
Ecobubs (stripy), PeaPods (Pink & Red), MyBaby (blue) & a WAHM pocket
Babyland pockets
FuzziBunz (purple on the right), WAHM (purple up the top & pink on the bottom right), MyBaby (top left pink), PepeNaps (bottom left pink) & Blueberry bamboo fitted (in the middle)
Missing from all of this are also my prefolds (approx 2doz) & my wraps/covers (approx 10)...  It looks like a tonne of diapers - and admittedly IS, but only 2 or 3 of these were purchased at full price, and most were purchased for well under half of the retail price... and most will be sellable when Emersyn is done with diapers... so when you add all that up, it's not really a lot of money.

Certainly less than what I'd have paid on disposables by now!


  1. Your nappies all look so pretty. I only had a few pretty ones, some good, but not so good looking ones, and the rest were just cheap nappies to fill in when I ran out of the good ones.

  2. i got rid of a lot of my 'plain' ones lol.. because I'm all about the pretty nappies on Emmy's botty LOL