May 22, 2011

A fluffy day in the life of Emersyn

Here's a chance to see Emmy's fluffy wardrobe for a whole day!  Enjoy!

Good morning everyone!  Time for my first diaper change
"buh-bye" FuzziBunz
& hello pink (dyed) prefold!
... no prefold is complete without a cover (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Froggy print) - and on those cold days, a pair of babylegs!
Up from my nap - and it's time for an Itti Bitti (Bitti D'Lish) in Turqouise... Mummy didn't plan on the turquoise diaper matching the Turquoise in my babylegs!
now I'm up to no good.. but a least I look cute!
now my mean Mummy is making me have another nap...  I"m in my PeaPods this time - and funnily enough, my red diaper matches the red in my babylegs!
up from my nap & now I'm all nekkid - bar my diaper, ready for my bath!
nice & sparkly clean, showing off my BumGenius diaper - and showing Mummy how clever I am getting at standing up!
saying "buh-bye" to the people on TV... Mummy says it is time for bed...
having my bottle while Mummy changes my diaper... first step is a TotsBots Bamboozle
followed by a[nother] Bummis SWW - Jungle print this time!
and now I'm in bed... I don't want to but *yawn* I'm a bit tired... Non-night everyone!

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