Jul 13, 2011

and it's solved.

Hooray - our night time issues are solved [insert exclamation mark here... since my keyboard exclamation mark doesn't work]

I have tried the Ecobubs, prefold, microfiber, fleece cover combination for two nights now, and both mornings she has woken up dry, we probably could have gotten away without the fleece cover both times... but since i made my first fleece cover, I've been wanting to use it LOL [did I even blog about my cover??? I don't think I did...].

It is such a relief to have this finally worked out, and I'm thrilled with the combo that eventually worked because it is actually really trim - I don't think it is a lot bulkier than a daytime diaper with two microfiber inserts inside it... and I think that helps Emersyn to sleep better at night too - night before last she slept through from 10.30pm [as usual she woke up during Desperate Housewives and the SERIES final of Brothers and Sisters...], and then last night she woke an hour after going to sleep, but went back to sleep after I gave her her dummy/pacifier - and didn't wake up until early this morning.

If it turns out that an uncomfortable diaper is what has been preventing Emersyn from sleeping through the night, I am going to kick myself.

Moral of the story - if you are having a hard time with cloth, keep at it, you will EVENTUALLY fix the problem, or find a new solution.... and then you will feel a whole new renewed love for the fluffy side of life.



    So glad that you have solved your night nappy problems (and that I was able to help in a wee way). We now use them on both of our children and the 2.5 year old who has been really resisting cloth night nappies now LOVES her "pretty nappy" and is more than happy to wear it.

  2. Glad you found a night time solution! I've heard great things about Ecobubs! I found you via facebook (I'm the NSW rep for Real Nappies and a bloggin mumma!) :) Love sharing the cloth nappy love! :)

  3. thanks for the visit Rebekah!!! :) I love Real Nappies and have considered being a rep too :)

    LOL my 4yo DD wishes she could wear nappies because of the cute cloth nappies that Emmy has..