Jul 5, 2011

Hallelujah.. maybe?

Well. We had success last night - Emersyn officially woke up with her wetness contained to her diaper - yaayyyyyyyyy.

I checked the various absorbent layers when I took her diaper off, and while all were wet, none were really saturated - there was still a lot of absorbency left in the prefold in particular, so I am thinking that toddler prefolds will be part of my night time combo from now on.  I just wish there was some way to make the whole diaper a bit trimmer, but at the end of the day it's more important for the diaper to work, than to look good.

Tonight.... I think I will try the same combo again - make sure it wasn't a fluke.  She had one bottle during the night last night, which seems to be the norm, so hopefully it WASN'T a fluke.  Could I potentially have found the combo that is going to work??????

Stay tuned... again.


  1. Night time is one of the most frustrating parts of cloth diapering. I was having a lot of success double stuffing my pocket diapers with 2 microfiber inserts, but this last month it wasn't working as well. I tried adding a doubler, but her fluffy bum was getting a bit big, and it didn't always work. I finally prepped some hemp inserts and so far, so good. I use one hemp and one microfiber insert now at night-both size large. :)

    I was just looking at my stats and saw that many people came to my blog from yours! That's very exciting and I would love to be able to return the favor. How do I get that gadget (other cloth diaper blogs) on my page? I would love for you to share!

    Thanks and good luck!

  2. Awesome! We're still working on this. I'm trying a Thirstie's Fab Fitted (old style) large with a Gen-Y cover tonight. We shall see.

  3. thanks Bum Luxury :)If you go to design and then 'add gadget', there is a option to create a list of blogs you like... you can name it whatever you want, and just add links to the blogs you want to show on the list :)

    Liz - good luck tonight, let me know how you go.... I really wish we were in America so I could have more options/brands etc to try.