Jul 4, 2011

epic fail... again

I'm scratching my head right now... the night time combo I tried last night failed verrrrrry badly, Emersyn woke up soaked through.  I had her in a Bummis SWW with two padfolded flats, and a Real Nappies night time booster pad.  I think if I had her in a fleece cover/soaker we would have been okay, but no - I decided to test fate and see what'd happen without the magical fleece layer.

Le sigh.

Tonight I'll try a SWW again, but with fleece over top - see if it happens again... If it does, I guess we'll be back to the pockets, because they did work for the two nights I tried the flats inside them.

At this stage I am wondering if ANYTHING is going to work overnight.  I REALLY don't want to consider using disposables, but I'm getting sadly close to it.  That said, I don't know that disposables would work anyway, because they seem to be less absorbent over long periods, than cloth.

Once again, 'we will see'... I guess...


  1. I feel your pain & frustration!!!

    I have used prefolds exclusively on my daughter (bummis polar fleece cover, prefold and mega 3 layer hemp booster at night) for my daughter, but found that this was just not good enough for my son. At 10 weeks his nappies were HUGE and because they were so big they didn't fit well at the leg and leaked anyway grrrrr. I was on the verge of reluctantly giving up and using the dreaded disposable when I tried ecobubs night nappies. I use their 2 fleece boosters and my hemp booster. NO leaks!!! Lovely quality. Not cheap, but totally worth it.
    Hope this helps...

  2. thanks for that tartankiwi - I have some Ecobubs woolen pockets, are these the ones you're referring to? I found that they used to leak, so stopped using them, but that was a good four months ago so they should fit her better now. perhaps I'll try these tomorrow night and see how we go :) thanks for the suggestion

  3. Yup its the woollen pockets that I was talking about. Making sure that they fit well at the leg is the most important thing I believe. If you have problems get in touch with them, they are really friendly and helpful and like a challenge!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'd be happy to help you out. Just send me an email and we'll sort it out...

  4. oh great, thanks so much for that. The pockets i have are a large, so perhaps it was fit that was the problem last time...