Jul 13, 2011

fpp challenge day 3 - introducing the kite fold

I guess my 'challenge' isn't REALLY much of a challenge, because I enjoy using flats and prefolds so much...  My one issue (I believe I've mentioned it in the last fpp post) is that I can't get flats snug enough around the legs, they're always gapey - I think I need to find a fold where I can do a 'jelly fold' at the legs, to get the best fit possible.  That said, I'm wondering if perhaps it is the fabric of the flats that prevents getting a snug fit around the thighs - they are made of flannel, and a lot of the flats I have seen pictures off online - mainly on DiaperSwappers and JustMommies, look to be made of a more stretchable cotton material.  I aim to have the perfect fold by the end of the week! 

I promised some folds-tutorials back on Monday, and seeing as it's now Wednesday, I thought I should come through on that promise...  So I now present to you - the kite fold....

lay flat out... well, flat... baby crawling on the flat is not a required part of the fold.. nor a recommended one....
with the flat in a diamond shape in front of you, fold one corner into the center
repeat with opposite side - you now have a kite shape... as the name of the fold suggests!
fold the top of the diamond down - you now have an upside down triangle shape
fold the bottom of the 'kite' up toward the top - as high as you want (this forms the rise)
fold down the top a little - I go with about 2 inches
again fold one side in toward the center
and repeat with other side
open up the top of the diaper - this creates the wings to do the diaper up with
place baby on top of diaper
bring diaper up between legs
bring wings up and over babies belly
then pin!  if required hold babies feet at ankles so you can actually take a photo of the completed diaper....
then chase the baby when she escapes your clutches...
put cover on & then release

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