Aug 13, 2011

coming soon [because my sister rocks]

It's no secret that the Rugby World Cup is fast approaching - what's making it all the more exciting is the fact that this year good ol' New Zealand has hosting rights... I believe now there is under 4 weeks before it starts - 3w6d to be precise.  From the beginning I have wanted to have an All Blacks diaper for Emersyn to wear, and managed to track down a FuzziBunz that someone had embroidered a silver fern onto.  Great - all set.

That was until an American friend - who happens to love me, alerted me on facebook that she'd found a diaper that we both HAD to have, and she sent me the following link...

Bum Cheeks - ALL BLACKS minky diaper

Being the good sister I am, I immediately facebooked my sister the link - and within minutes her friend had purchased one for her little boy due in September [what's more, he's due DURING the world cup], and about three hours later my sister text me to tell me she too had bought not one - but TWO of them... I thought she showed great commitment, having a back up diaper incase one got soiled during the game - then she tells me [essentially] "duh Emma, one is for Emersyn"...

So come RWC 2011 time, Emersyn, Bronte and L.'s baby boy will all be supporting their team, in the cutest way possible.

I did consider getting one of the girls an Adidas AB's top, but these are way cuter - and made my someone who actually CARES about her customers.  Stupid Adidouche.. Adiassholes.. [long story.. anyone in Kiwiland will understand it...].

Next goal - for the girls and little dude to be wearing their All Blacks diapers with pride, when Richie lifts the world cup in a couple of months. 


  1. That is so cool!!!

  2. I am more excited than you can imagine....