Aug 7, 2011

Last [???] night time update

Well, I think night time issues are definitely a thing of the past for us.  I was getting by fine using the prefold/microfiber/pocket/fleece cover combination - I still got the occasional leak, but it was only if she had a super long sleep, and a bottle during the night. 

Last week decided that I would see what would happen if I added an extra microfiber insert, and used a pul cover - rather than inserting it all in a pocket...  So I added a Real Nappies night time booster pad on the top of the prefold, and put the microfiber insert under the first layer of prefold - used a pul wrap, and whaddya know - NO LEAKS... 

I actually preferred that combo over the pocket combo, so started using it each night, and so far there have been no leaks.  I think it's the extra layer of microfiber [Real Nappies night time booster pad has a top layer of microfleece so it can go against the skin] that helps to prevent any of the sneaky little leaks that I was getting with the pocket combo.  Another bonus to this little combo, is that it's a little trimmer - not having the fleece soaker over top actually makes quite a lot of difference, and I guess trimmer means it is a little more comfortable too.

Now my sister is having night time issues with my niece - so I am helping her find a combo for Bronny.  Night time issues are never ending it seems.

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