Aug 1, 2011

strange how the world works

I blogged the other day about being sad that when Emmy is done with diapers, that there will be no more cloth diapering for me - and how I was thinking of starting some sort of business related to cloth diapering... WELL, my wonderful sister came to me with a business proposition, one that we both think there is a need for - that there is a market for. 

I won't give away any details yet, because there isn't really a lot to give away at this stage - but it is something that has us both rather excited, and I've been thinking about it all afternoon.  This 'little idea' definitely has potential, and is something that can be built on over time - admittedly it's a little hard to not get ahead of myself with the ideas, I need to slow myself down and just concentrate on the INITIAL idea, and building a nice little foundation.

All I CAN say is this - stay tuned.... and if anyone would be willing to help us out with research at some point [probably just answering questionaires], please let me know.

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