Aug 24, 2011

You know you have a problem...

You know you have a problem - perhaps even an 'addiction' to cloth diapering when...

- you see a woman wearing a top and think "hey, that'd make an awesome diaper print"
- you arrange your childs outfit around what cloth diaper they'll be wearing
- you dream about cloth diapers, night after night
- one of the big excitements of your month is a diaper company releasing new prints
- you don't want to put pants on your baby, so that their diaper is on display all the time
- you rub a [clean, obviously] diaper on your face because it's so soft
- in a baby store you audibly squeal when you realise they're stocking a new brand of diaper
- when asked what YOU want for YOUR birthday, you ask for cloth diapers
- owners of cloth diaper stores know you by name
- the decision you put the most thought into is 'snaps or aplix'
- you sit at your computer with your credit card in hand, and your fingers poised to start typing upon the 9am release of brand new special edition diapers
- you naturally buy a size up in clothing to accomodate for the cloth bum bulk
- you know the difference between microfiber, microfleece and microsuede
- you buy a brand new washing machine just because you want a better wash cycle for your diapers
- you fake a headache at midday at work so you can go home to open your fluffy mail
- even though you have 100 diapers already, you can justify buying 'just one more'... fifty times...

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