Aug 8, 2011

review - bumgenius elementals

reviewed by:  Tam

These make up 98% of my nappy stash!! I LOVE them!!!

They are an organic cotton diaper so do require a bit of prepping before first use.  They are SUPER absorbent! I have rarely had leaks in the 12 months I have been using them.. In fact the number of leaks I have had during that time I could count on one hand with.

Price – I rate this nappy 1 star for price... Here in the USA they are $24.95 each but I know in NZ/AU it is A LOT more than that! However I do think it is good value for money and I would (and have) definitely purchase more.

Leaks – 4 stars, I have rarely had leaks, and when I have had leaks it is because I have left my son too long between changes.  Most of the leaks occurred when he was itty bitty and would take unexpected long naps.  In the 12 months I have been using these nappies I have had 5-6 leaks tops.

Fit – 5 starts for fit.  I have never had fit issues with this nappy.  My son is on the smaller side, he was born 6lb 15oz and at his 12 month check up he was 17lbs 8oz.

Ease of use – 5 stars what isn’t to love? This is an AIO (all in one) nappy no stuffing required!!

Washing – 3 stars, being it is organic cotton it does stain... But nothing the sun can’t handle.  So while the stains DO come out they don’t come out during the wash, they require some sunning to get them all nice and new looking.  It washes very easily but it does take a long time to dry (because it is an AIO) I usually pop mine in the dryer for 20-30 minutes on medium heat and then hang them to dry.  We live in an apartment so I don’t have access to an outdoor clothes line, when I have visited family who have had an outside line I line dried them every time and they dried in a day in the hot summer sun.

In summary these really are great  nappies and I am very happy with my purchase.  The only downsides are the long drying time and that over time they do develop small holes on the legs and where the soaker is attached, this does not effect their function it is purely a cosmetic issue.  Out of the 24 that I own only 3-4 are developing holes and they are tiny.

Now for the ratings:
price:  1/5
fit: 5/5
leaks:  4/5
ease of use:  5/5
washing:  3/5

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